List of known objects in Pokemon Go

Poke Ball: allows you to capture Pokemon. They are available in Pokéstop and store information of the game.

Super Ball: a Pokeball with better catch rates. Can be found (rarely) in the Poke Stop once unlocked or purchased in stores.


Great Ball: with the best catch rates. Can be found (rarely) in the Poke Stop once unlocked or purchased in stores.

Master Ball: the automatic capture. It was present in the beta of the game, but not necessarily in the final version. The future will tell.

Lure Module: an object that can be attached to a Pokéstop and revealed Pokemon in the area for all players for 30 minutes. The Pokéstop with a lure are visible rose petals they emit.

Incense: with this item you will attracts pokemon around you for 30 minutes.

Razz Berry: an object to give a Pokémon in battle to make it easier to capture.

Potions: regenerate you pokemon hp with 20 points.

Super Potion:  regenerate your pokemon Ho with 50 points. Can be found (rarely) in the Poke Stop once released.

Hyper Potion: Regenerate your pokemon hp with 200 points.

Max Potion: regenerate entire pokemon hp.

Incubator: to hatch an egg when you walk, but is limited to three uses before disappearing.

Pokémon that you can encounter in the game are dependent on a few factors: your level (your level up makes you see different Pokemon), your environment (go to the beach you will meet different Pokemon over a park by example) and the time at which you play (some Pokemon are more common during night and day, and vice versa).

Theoretically, and according to the comments of players around the world, it is not necessary to make a long journey to be able to catch all: only good stroll by you, and vary the places where you go. However, some monsters are reserved for specific regions of the world (see list above rarities). Is it better to recharge or evolve? It depends on your situation.

You should know that moving, Pokémon keep the improvements provided by the charging, which also serves as an indicator of the level of force the monster. Also, if you build a Pokemon on the length, it did not really matter. But if you want to conquer an Gym quickly, it will be better prioritize charging, direct and easy to implement.

As with all Pokemon games, go directly capture high-level monsters does not guarantee to have a better fighter. Better to focus its lead Pokemon over time rather than replace it quickly with the best level you find. The method is that you click on the Poke Balls before they disappear. After numerous tests, we can confirm that this is false. The Pokéball are unfortunately lost forever! Early in the game, you will soon realize that Rattata and other Pidgey abound in this world. For lower levels, it will be better transferred from the capture to win candy and evolve its most powerful monsters. However, with this technique, we can end up with lots of high level Rattata. Should we sell them too? The answer is no.

Also, you will have many other Pokemon to conquer new Gym. If your duplicates are in the surrounding Gyms, it is better to keep them to conquer other Gym and win even more in!


Power up or evolve?

Is it better to power up or evolve? It depends on your situation. You should know that evolving, Pokemon keep the improvements provided by the charging, which also serves as an indicator of the level of force of pokemon. As with all Pokemon games, go directly capture high-level monsters does not guarantee to have a better fighter. Better to focus its lead Pokemon over time rather than replace it quickly with the best level you find. All Pokemon you meet are not necessarily good for an Gym, even though they may seem very strong. In truth, some monsters will be much more useful to attack an Gym than they are to keep it.

Thus, PV bags as Snorlax or Dragonite will be excellent to keep up arena. fast and strong hitting Pokemon will be more advised to attack an arena. To you therefore to achieve good exercise that balance, bonus considering the types and attacks of your Pokemon. Before leaving in session or during your capture, do not hesitate to check the status of servers. For this, the cummunity has created a dedicated wensite giving you the statistics of these. In this example, you see that the Us servers is in critical conditions while other regions can connect without issue.

This past week, many sites such as Pokevision were opened allowing you to see exactly on a map pokemon nearby. A very useful service for those who want to hunt the rarest creatures effectively. As you all know, Pokemon Go servers suffer since launch. Admittedly they were not designed to accommodate so many people in so little time. This is seen in the game from 28 hours especially, servers begin to slightly bugger. This is particularly visible from 21 hours, where some catches remain frozen, as and Gyms or will not move. If you try to compete in an Gym these days, it is like that the final battle will loop with your opponent remaining indefinitely 1pv.  One solution: restart the application.

And there is the unpleasant surprise: your pokemon took demage, but you have not won anything. Similarly, the game can be planted in full use of incense, which result in a monumental mess. For now, it is advisable to stick to capture other pokemon and pokestops after 20 hours. During a session, especially late in the day, you meet a lot of server problems. In order not to kill your session, recognize them. If you arrive at a and the medallion does not load its image, only do not turn mainly on pain of not harvest your objects. Come out PokeStop, and try to restart until the image appears.

When capturing Pokemon, always sure that the icons are displayed. If the bag and the camera does not appear, stay where you are and quit the application. Restart it, and the wild Pokemon you want to catch a good chance to always be at your feet. If you want to be sure at the first dispay of pokemon, you can try to start a pokeball into space and see if the game properly recharge. A solution to be reserved for the most desperate cases, however, since it would be a significant loss of a valuable object. Finally, know that it is possible that the capture will be done even if your Pokeball has not moved. Restart the application, and if the Pokemon appears wilder is that it is probably already in your list. Do not forget to check!

The most beneficial and most harmful juices for health

Fruit juices and vegetables are part of a balanced diet, which ensure the health and vigor of the body. They actively participate in cellular regeneration, detoxification and treatment of many diseases, is recommended by doctors nutritionists in a healty lifestyle.  Even so, there are juices health benefits through the ingredients they contain harmful juices, which are nothing but liquids providing excess sugars and almost all essential nutrients.


Top of the healthiest juices

Juices from fruits and vegetables are tasty, nutritious and rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, bioactive natural compounds that specifically interact positively with dietary fiber and other substances taken from food. People who want to strengthen their immune system and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, can consume juice regularly beets, carrots, celery, currants, spinach, grapes cherries or watermelon, with the addition of garlic and ginger.

To treat deficiency in potassium, magnesium and calcium are beneficial juices melon, apricots, peaches and brocolli. Heart disease can be prevented by using pineapple juice and ginger, watercress and parsley.

Vegetable juices

The best way to introduce important nutrients in the diet are vegetable juices. Tomato juice contains a substance called lycopene, a red dye with anti-tumor properties in prostate cancer, bladder, pancreas, breast, lung or skin. Specialized studies show that lycopene may be useful in preventing and stopping the development of ovarian cancer, bowel, cervical or uterine cancer. Celery juice regulates blood pressure in hypertensive patients, and the fibers of all vegetable juices quickly induce a feeling of fullness and improves digestion. The reason vegetable juices are healthier is that the composition have the lowest amount of sugar and provide fewer calories than fruit juices. The only drawback is the higher content of sodium.

Pomegranate juice

Despite many calories they provide, pomegranate juice offers a generous amount of antioxidants that protect brain cells and have anticancer properties. An expert study found that 230 ml of pomegranate juice taken daily reduces prostate cancer recurrence.

Cranberry juice

Rich in vitamin C, cranberry juice has a significant effect on the immune system fortifier. In addition, a diet with unsweetened cranberry juice treats urinary tract infections and prevents the accumulation of bacteria in the urinary system.

Red grape juice

Red grape juice, prepared in full form (seeds, pulp and peel beans), provides flavonoids and resveratrol, two powerful antioxidants with anti-tumor effect and healing for a wide range of diseases.

The juices harmful for health


Fruit Cocktails

From the category of the most harmful health juices, fruit cocktails belong in a priority part, that usually have the lowest proportion of juice. They are prepared from water and artificial sweeteners, is an dangerous as carbonated soft drinks. Fruit cocktails are very harmful for children because childhood obesity and predispose to cardiac abnormalities at an early age.

Fruit nectar

Supermarkets and restaurants sells many kinds of so – called fruit nectars, often presented an appetizing combinations os strawberries and bananas, pears and pomegranates, barries and apples, etc. Getthose juices contain sugar or sweeteners even more that conventional soft drinks, causing weight gain in a proportion similar to classic desserts.


Smartphones Industry

In 2016, the mobile industry prepares us some interesting surprises.

2015 was a good one for the smartphone industry, one in which there were a few very interesting prize. For starters, it is worth mentioning the new design implemented by the Samsung mobile products for them. South Korean company we “threatened” a long time with this new construction of their phones, which I got to see it, finally, with the launch of models Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Galaxy.

Touchscreen smartphone with Earth globe
Touchscreen smartphone with Earth globe

I witnessed the onset of Type C USB in mobile industry with the launch of models like the OnePlus 2 5X Nexus or Nexus 6P. Do not forget the first time that they carried out those from Sony, the Japanese market by introducing the first 4K smartphone screen. Given the important achievements this year, we have reason to be optimistic about the coming year. Below are some of the expectations we have from industry in 2016.

During 2015, Android has lost ground against iOS in a few cases, largely due to the remarkable success of the latest handsets from Apple. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were sold so well that the Cupertino company came to have a very high market share in some key markets. In the United States, for example, it is about 42%, as in the United Kingdom and France.


Even so, Android has managed to remain the most popular operating system in the market, thanks to affordable devices that have gained ground in markets undergoing development. It is almost impossible to change the situation next year, but we could see, however, a growing number of handsets with Windows, thanks to the new Microsoft Lumia devices and new operating system Windows 10.

USB Type C

C type A USB cable comes with two identical ends reversible and enables a recharge faster and faster data transfers thanks to compatibility with the USB 3.1 standard. Moreover, those from Pocket-lint argue that those small connectors will allow the creation of thinner mobile future.

As I said earlier, telephones and OnePlus 2 5X Nexus and Nexus 6P are already equipped with these cables, but that does not mean you can use them on any device. Some time ago, an engineer at Google has published information that Type C USB cables manufactured by OnePlus could cause serious damage. Cable specifications do not seem to be compatible with Nexus phones or Chromebook Pixel. OnePlus cables using a resistor 3A, instead of the “Default USB Power”, which could lead to damage USB port or charger.

Gps technology

GPS receivers have come a long way in a relatively short period, but are reduced to sizes small enough to fit in and PCB phone battery is quite difficult to understand for many of us. A-GPS makes the impossible possible by processing data outside the SIM, nevertheless, remain considerable technical impediments. SIM technology enables the theft of only 6 mAh battery requirements are much higher, but those from Blue Sky argued, without giving too much detail, because everything starts from the embodiment of the antenna.

Of course these gps receivers can work and back I refer to the location of other devices Gps Phone Tracker technology.

Similar 3D touch technology

3D Touch is able to differentiate between a light touch and a heavier, which means that the possibilities of interaction with the phone are multiplying. It uses a number of sensors which enable a user to click anywhere on the touchpad. The sensors work with a “Taptic Engine”, a device that creates movement in a straight line. It detects any kind of oppression and generate feedback for the user to know that it was recorded. In this way, the user has the impression that conducted a click, when in fact no physical button was not pressed.


How to make soft drinks?

By refreshments means products made from concentrated flavored fruit juices, vegetable juices, syrups, fruit, herbs, flavoring (natural or synthetic), water or mineral water table, sweeteners (sugar, glucose, saccharin or other sweetening matter), food acids, vitamins and other substances, with or without added carbon dioxide.

Soft drinks are classified as follows:

Hypochlorite soft drinks with saccharin or other sweeteners, with or without added sugar low, keep the chemical characteristics set out in the table, except soluble dry substance, refractometric degrees, 1-2; saccharin mg / l, 110-150.
Soft drinks with carbon dioxide (flat) can be manufactured in all the categories set out above, except carbon dioxide missing. Warranty Terms mention the assortment of products: juices without preservatives – 24 hours, unpasteurized with preservative – 7 days pasteurized – 30 days.
Please note that within each category of drinks can be manufactured various kinds.
Technological stages and the main issues to be considered, to these products are listed below.

Preparation of sugar syrup is made by dissolving sugar in water, which can be cold or warm with plain water, but it is recommended that drinking softened.
Preparation cold syrup is done when the syrup is used within 24 hours of preparation. Do not be like syrup have a concentration of less than 50 degrees refractometers, in this case being slightly exposed microbial deterioration, and no more than 60 degrees refractometers, in which case, filtering is difficult.
Preparation of hot syrup is done when the syrup is used after a shelf life greater than 24 hours. Sterilization is achieved and syrup, with good preservation of and soft drinks; In addition, filtering is more easily performed.

Filtering syrup aims to achieve a clear syrup is performed using cloth filters or plates. Each batch of sugar syrup is filtered refractive concentration checks, limpiditatea and organoleptic characteristics.

Blending comprises mixing all the components according to the recipe manufacturing, blending in pools provided with agitator. Blending obtained was allowed to stand for 24 hours, after which it goes into production. It is contemplated that a preservative substance, brought about by blending the ingredients, or added, to provide in the finished product an amount of 0.3 g / l. Blending is checked in terms of the content of soluble solids and the Prepare a beverage for verifying sensory and physico-chemical properties.

Water treatment beverage refreshing drinking water result in de-aerated, softened and cooled conditions primarily needed a good impregnation with CO2.
Water de-aeration is done to remove air dissolved in water, which ensures a better preservation of the drink to the action of microorganisms and keeping flavors. It is done in a vacuum de-aerator.
Water softening is done in plants dedruizare ion exchange. Water that is used to prepare the beverage must have a hardness of less than 6 degrees German limpiditatea which contributes to their taste and quality.
Cooling water is at a temperature of + 5 ° C in multitubular heat exchangers or plate.

Impregnating water with carbon dioxide is an aerator. The carbon dioxide is introduced into the saturator at a pressure of 5.6 bar and has a counter-current circulation of water.
The impregnation of soft drinks with CO2 was developed in two directions: a separate impregnation water to be mixed with the syrup blended and then co-impregnation of the syrup blended with water. The first method is currently applied to small capacity installations and the second, which is expanding more and more, is applied to plants modern high capacity.